Our Team

This is our team.

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To find out what researchers are doing in their free time, we asked our team three questions:



What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

What is your favourite place in Berlin?

What is the last thing you learnt?




How to cook Spargel!

Group Leader

Azzurra Ruggeri


First row on a double-decker bus

If Monty Hall shows you a goat, switch the door

Postdoctoral Fellow

Andreas Domberg

Butter Pecan

Volkspark Friedrichshain

Carrot tops, olive oil, vinegar and garlic make a delicious sauce

Postdoctoral Fellow - DAAD

Cansu Oranc


My balcony (only in summer)

The word "Kuddelmuddel"

Predoctoral Fellow

Angela Jones



The  German word for (steel) spring is the same they use for feather

Predoctoral Fellow

Costanza De Simone


Björn Meder

Something fruity

Winter: Sauna; Summer: Beergarden

Why the Mediterranean Sea doesn't overflow

Postdoctoral Fellow

Anselm Rothe


Tempelhofer Feld

A human accumulates about 1 billion bits of information in a lifetime

Predoctoral Fellow

Nora Swaboda

Matcha, Mango, Chocolate

Tempelhofer Feld

You can't turn back time and that's ok

Research Coordinator

Damaris Rothe



How to train a dog and not get bitten

Guests and Collaborators


My bed

That competitive art used to be in the olympics

Associate Researcher

Eric Schulz

Anything with rainbow sprinkles


That pigs are physically unable to look up at the sky

Visiting Researcher

Caren Walker


Botanic Garden

Cats can’t taste sugar because their tongue doesn’t have sweet receptors

Predoctoral Fellow

Francesco Poli

Lemon sorbet

Park am Gleisdreieck at night

Telegraphy started as towers with crazy arms waving messages to other towers

Predoctoral Fellow

Diego de la Hera



How to distinguish an aloe plant from an agave plant

Master Student

Camilla Maffioli

Vanille with fresh berries

Krumme Lanke

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Visiting Researcher

Jonathan Nelseon

Cookie Dough

Tempelhofer Feld

Airport Tempelhof was closed for flights in 2008 

Predoctoral Fellow

Lara Bertram

Cookie Dough

Specialty coffee shops

The largest shark in existence was 17m long and 49 tons heavy

Master Student

Ben Optiz

Spaghetti Ice

On a boat on a lake

How to prick out tomato plants

Predoctoral Fellow

Anna Thoma

Student Assistants and Interns

Pistachio, Coconut, and Mango

Heilandskirche in Sacrow

How to play Cello

Student Research Assistant

Laura Ziemann


Monument at Victoriapark

How to distinguish real and artificial dinosaur bones

Student Research Assistant

Nele Metzner


Paul Linke Ufer

Programming LEGO robots

Student Research Assistant

Daniil Serko



How to ski

Student Research Assistant

Yara Abdelaziz

Strawberry-Rhubarb or Cinnamon

Museum Island 

A child asks about 400 questions a day - almost all to their mother

Student Research Assistant

Maya Buchholz

Salted Caramel


Tel Aviv translated means "spring hill"

Student Research Assistant

Tydings McClary



How to juggle

Student Research Assistant

Calvin Paulus


Tempelhofer Feld

How to bake Krüllkuchen

Student Research Assistant

Leon Gellrich