We went virtual!

We're doing our part in flattening the curve, so we started working from home. This doesn't mean we can't play with kids anymore - Check out our online games!

Media Coverage

  • Azzurra Ruggeri was able to answer some questions for the alverde magazine about how and why kids ask questions to learn more about the world.

  • The MDR approached Azzurra Ruggeri as an expert for active learning for the MDR Wissen episode "Ist die Schule noch zu retten? Wie wir künftig lernen müssen" (Can you save the school? The new way to learn). You can find the documentary here.


CALM @ Museum for Natural History

This project was awarded to Azzurra Ruggeri and our partners at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin by the museum itself as a start up fund. The goal is to apply for substantial funding from third parties to support a small research team at the museum under the academic guidance of Azzurra Ruggeri - the Center for Active Learning in Museums.

Climbing to Yourself: A developmental embodied cognition perspective on the relation between the minimal self and sensorimotor and cognitive skills

This project is funded by the DFG and awarded to our colleague Prof. Dr. Markus Raab and Lisa Musculus at the German Sport University Göttingen and Azzurra Ruggeri. It tries to understand the bidirectional link between the minimal self and sensorimotor as well as cognitive skills from the developmental embodied cognition perspective.